Nurturing resilient teens: Fundraiser supports mental health programming in schools

Nurturing resilient teens: Fundraiser supports mental health programming in schools

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Tammy Langhoff is willing to swim the length of Lake Michigan — all 307 miles — if that’s what it takes to help teens struggling with anxiety, depression and mental illness.

But it’s not quite as daunting as it seems. “I’m swimming indoors, and I’m taking all of 2018 to do it, which averages out to about 25 and a half miles per month,” Langhoff said.

The Katelyn Fennig Memorial Fund supports suicide prevention programming in schools.

For every mile she swims, Langhoff will be depositing $5 into The Katelyn Ann Fennig Memorial Fund, which means that by the end of the year, she will have raised just over $1,500. Langhoff is also seeking additional donations and sponsors to support her fundraising swim.

Established in her daughter’s memory, The Katelyn Ann Fennig Memorial Fund has granted scholarships to Menomonee Falls High School seniors who plan to study art in a college or technical school. However with this fundraiser, Langhoff will expand the work of the fund to support mental health programs in high schools, including resilience training and suicide prevention.

“Kids these days are facing a lot bigger challenges than they were when I was in school,”  Langhoff said. “They need more resources, and schools don’t have the funds to do more. If Katie’s fund could meet the schools halfway and match what the schools have, we could bring some evidenced-based peer mentoring and programming into the schools. I’m very passionate about this.”

To donate to the fundraiser and help support more mental health programming in high schools, go to


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