‘Freedom From Depression’ Book Review

‘Freedom From Depression’ Book Review

May 10, 2018 Prevention Resources 0

Reading the book “Freedom from Depression; 6 keys to eliminating emotional pain,” did more than providing a  heart throbbing reality of depression that rests in millions of Americans today, it also provided the necessary tool and strategies to overcome the truth and stigma behind depression. Dr. Anthony Piparao does this by providing statistics and studies from highly respected sources that are easy to understand and that get straight to the point.


He says that depression does not occur in a vacuum; it is intimately linked to stress and anxiety and how it is important to examine Americans suffering from the multiple forms of these conditions that can be treated. Here are some of the staggering statistic broken down into an easy to read infographic of the statistics that Dr. Piparo provided.

As you read the infographic, you will learn that Anxiety Disorder is among 40 million Americans today, Followed by Panic disorders. These findings are alarming because it shows how something so simple as distressing one’s life is very complicated and is in a desperate need of an intervention.



What I like about this book is how Dr. Piparo talks about his personal experience with treatable mental disorders and what he does in order to fight against it. Not only do I get to learn about the alarming statistics, I also get to experience the journey that Piparo went through with his personal family. Like, how his grandmother was plagued with depression and lived with her until her last days of 104+ years old.  The sad reality that I learned was that depression or a treatable mental disorder will never shake off of you, you must shake it off.

It all started when Piparos grandmother was in the hands of her abusive aunt. It started when his great-grandmother had to work in order to support her young family. Her sister agreed to take care of his grandmother while his great-grandmother worked; his grandmother was only four years old at the time and there was an accusation of lying towards the grandmother, so his great-aunt pushed his grandmother’s face into a hot stove that caused third-degree burns on her lips. Piparo mentions that It is unclear if the term PTSD  was coined in that time period, but he was sure that his grandmother suffered from it.


One of my favorite tools that Dr. Anthony Piparo uses as a method to overcome depression is The Stress and Anxiety Deactivation Routine or (SADAR). This method consists of seven steps that help fight against stress and anxiety or when a person is experiencing a stressful event at that time. This method can take s long as 30 seconds to five minutes, depending on how well-practiced you become with the method.


An example of a couple steps is stopping, closing your eyes, transforming your breath, and relaxing your body. There are many more steps and although it sounds easy, Dr. Piparo goes into a deeper meaning of each step and helps you to be aligned with your subconscious mind in order to reap the true benefit behind this amazing practice.


I would definitely recommend this book to a friend who is dealing with symptoms of depression or any treatable mental condition. I also believe that this book is for anyone who is interested in health and science, as well, as a person who wants to reach a higher level of happiness. It is a book that I would highly recommend for every home library


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