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A Project by Mount Mary University Students

Suicide Prevention

Learn about how you can recognize the signs of suicide and how suicide affects our community, from students to law enforcement.



Find programs and other resources to help you take action. Read about how local organizations are working to change the stigma of suicide. 


How You Can Help

There are many ways that you can help stop suicide, including supporting fundraisers, getting involved in suicide prevention organizations, or participating in community walks.


The Hoan Bridge

Read about efforts to install suicide barriers on Milwaukee’s Hoan Bridge,  and learn about the different types of barriers that are available.


Hoan Bridge History

Current associations with the Milwaukee Hoan Bridge may remind locals of the beauty and love of our city. However, it may also be a reminder of grief and danger to those who are connected to the deaths from the bridge.

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What Are Suicide Barriers?

Suicide barriers are common on bridges across the world. Learn about the different types of barriers and the long struggle to get barriers installed on the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

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Barriers on the Hoan Bridge

While the yellow Hoan Bridge adds to Milwaukee’s picturesque skyline, it also serves as a destination for suicide. Learn about some of the challenges proponents of suicide barriers face.

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Petition to Install Barriers

A local woman is working hard to raise awareness of suicide on the Hoan Bridge in an effort to have barriers installed. Here’s her story.

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Kevin Hines: A Story of Hope & Survival

On Sept. 24, 2000, Kevin Hines jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and miraculously survived. Read about his story of survival and how he is working to stop the devastating effects of suicide across the globe.

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Men in Midlife

Suicide & Gender

In 2016, seven out of ten suicide deaths were white males, according to the American Society of Suicide Prevention. Nationally, white men, ages 45-65, make up the group that is at greatest risk for suicide.

Suicide & Gender
The overlooked demographic

Suicide & Age

The people who die by suicide are not primarily teenage females, as many tend to think. The group of individuals who die by suicide at the highest rate is not teenagers, nor is it females. It is middle-aged men.

Suicide & Age


Suicide Rate Increase in U.S. Since 2000


Deaths by Suicide in 2016


Suicide Attempts Daily in U.S.
(Data from CDC)

Our Research

Over the course of a semester, we interviewed dozens of suicide prevention specialists, suicide survivors, and family members of suicide victims. We hope these stories will provide hope to those who are considering suicide and the people who love them.

Aftermath: A suicide survivors journey

  Nothing about suicide is easy. As a survivor, Tammy Langhoff knows this too well. Her daughter, Katie, attempted suicide eight years ago. “Her stepmom, Anna, found her in the[…]

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May 15, 2018 0

The Mental Health issue in African-American communities

The Stigma of Mental Health in African-American Communities Mental illness isn’t an easy topic to discuss and even if it was, there are many stigmas that are often associated with[…]

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May 15, 2018 0

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